Create our new burger 

Create our new burger 

for the new 2018 menu!

It's competiton time!

Fancy getting creative in the kitchen? Pictured is our incredible SOTA burger, but he’s looking for a buddy. We’re searching for a brand new burger to hit our sites on the launch of our JANUARY 2018 MENU. We can’t think of any better people with the right ideas than you. So here’s the lowdown: 

The rules (they’re not too boring. Promise!):

*The burger can be either Beef, Chicken, Lamb or Fish.

*Maximum number of ingredients is 10.  Relishes are included as 1 ingredient (so don’t be sneaky with your extra sauces!)

*One submission per person.

*Each submission should include a recipe list and a picture of the burger made at home (picture isn't mandatory but will help your cause!).

What do you get? 

The winner will get to name the burger (their name will be included on the menu). You will also be able to invite up to 9 friends to join you for a burger evening on a date of your choice (excluding Sat&Sun).  The evening will include your perfectly created burger for each buddy including fries and a side order, a dessert and a bottle of house wine between 2 people. 

Please send submission's via;

*Email (

*Facebook (Steak of the Art)

*Instagram using the hashtag #SOTABURGER2018  and tagging us @steakoftheart too.

Deadline: November 30th 2017.

Shortlist announced: December 15th 2017.

 Winner announced: January 12th 2018.

Sounds pretty perfect, right? Any catches?