Artist of the Month: Andrew Bill

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Hi Andrew, What inspires your work as an artist?
I love experimenting with different mediums and styles. My current series of paintings have been predominantly hot air balloon related and self-driven. Having had the opportunity to fly several times reminded me of my childhood where my brother and I would jump on our bikes, ride through country lanes and chase after hot air balloons. People find them fascinating and I try to capture that in my artwork.

The traveller in me is now starting to take my art in a different direction and I am currently working on a series of art deco style travel posters.

What medium do you like working with best, and why?
I have 3 core mediums that I like working with. My favorite being oil for its amazing colour, thinning and blending properties that enables me to create my own unique vibrant style. I love the quick drying times of Acrylics and use these either on their own or as mixed media with oil. I also use stencil and spray. And my third favorite medium of choice is to construct images from empty drinks cans.

How long have you been an artist for?
My artistic side began as a young child with the gift of a large watercolour paint set (I still have it). I am a self-taught artist and have been painting / drawing / making things for as long as I can remember.

What do you like best about having your work with us at SOTA?
Well for me the fact that my art is hanging in the SOTA gallery is really rewarding. Hanging with other amazing pieces of artwork I think is superb, a real personal achievement and I can’t wait to do more!

And our most important do you like your steak?!
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