Artist of the month: Mary Rouncefield

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Hi Mary, what inspires your work as an artist?
For much of my work, I've been inspired by mathematics pattern and symmetry and have always been a great fan of the artist, mathematician and printmaker M.C.Escher.

What medium do you like working with best, and why?
I work with various media including screen print , acrylic paint and spray paint as well as experiments in three-dimensional work.

How long have you been an artist for?
I took up art seriously in 2003 when I began studying at Bristol School of Art, for a part-time Art Foundation course. That was inspirational! From there, I went on to the University of the West of England - and I've never looked back! Before all that- I used to teach and write about Maths.

What do you like best about having your work with us at SOTA?
It's such a lively place - and people who wouldn't often get to look at art can enjoy it in an informal environment - perceived as less imposing than an art gallery as such.

And our most important do you like your steak?!
Very conventional 'medium rare'  - but Steak of the Art also serve some lovely fish dishes - which I'm a great fan of!

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