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Our staff are just as important to us as our customers (and that's important!) They seem to be pretty talented too. In our Bristol branch, our waitress has created her own business selling bags she's designed and made. We love them so much, they're for sale in our gallery. The lady herself (Hope) took a break from serving you lovely people to have a chat with our Arts coordinator. Here's the lowdown: 

Hi Hope, Thanks for popping in! Tell us about yourself, and what you’re up to?

Hey! I moved to Bristol last summer, with a degree in Fashion Design under my belt and a view to crack on with this new project, I hunted down a studio and threw myself into bag making mode! Now I have launched my new ethical brand of Women’s bags BOH - Bags of Hope. Alongside this I work with your lovely selves as Front of House at SOTA!

Can you tell us a bit about your company, and where you got your inspiration?

After travelling around South East Asia, and discovering so many beautiful colourful traditional patterns I returned home full of inspiration to create something! I felt the time for change, with a refreshing vision towards more of a sustainable lifestyle. And so, I created BOH - Bags of Hope - set out to present a thoughtful, sustainable range of Women’s luxurious bags.

BOH takes inspiration from the Hmong hill-tribe in the mountains of Northern Thailand, and combines it with modern luxurious features to create a new range of bags which you can feel good about buying! The embroidered front pieces are made in Northern Thailand by Burmese refugees, who are also housed. The black organic cotton I use for the shell, and the lining are both eco-friendly, as for the leather I source warehouse off-cuts from various places. The bags are all handmade by myself in Bristol.

How long has it been running for?

I launched on December 1st 2016 so not very long at all!

What’s your favourite thing about having your bags with us at SOTA?

 Well since it’s also where I work, it’s fantastic to be able to talk to customers face to face about any questions they might have, and to be showing the bags alongside other local artists is great!

What are your future goals for your company?

To spread the love and be stocked in more independent boutiques, and to open a shop of my own that sells a wide range of sustainable luxury products.

Ok. We’re sold. How do we buy one?

Easy! You can swing by Steak of the Art, or visit my website